Thursday, January 5, 2017

The End of the Rainbow Six

This is the talk that seems to have set the Russians off back in 1998, just before Putin took over in 1999. That was the year that my father starting dating Eleanor. My uncle introduced Tom Clancy at the Press Club in DC. Good time to catch up on your Tom Clancy reading list.

We have far too many Russian spies in America today, with too much funding and too much time on their hands. They are creating problems where there are no problems. I would say that the #1 priority for the West is to identify and deport illegal Russian spies before they do any more damage to our democratic systems of government. If you have any information for the FBI, submit your tips here.

There are 1000s of spies in the US today, surpassing Cold War records. Given the sheer number of spies in America, it may make sense to offer some kind of blanket asylum for defectors. There are an equal number of Chinese spies in America, and they seem to be working together. I have developed an instinct for identifying the online spies, many of whom are moderators of social media groups. In November 1989 the opening of the Berlin Wall heralded the end of the Soviet Union and the Cold War. Less well known is that this historic event also sparked the greatest wave of Soviet defectors in the history of the CIA and resulted in a windfall of intelligence on past and then on-going Soviet activities.

The story told by these defectors proved that the Soviet Union was changing less dramatically than indicated by Gorbachev's supposed reforms. Defectors from the scientific community, such as Ken Alibek and Vladimir Pasechnik, revealed that the Russians were still developing a biological warfare program in violation of international agreements. They were also still developing other weapons systems: a pilot passed the CIA information about the combat tactics of the air force's most advanced fighter plane.

KGB defectors in turn revealed that the Moscow was still gathering secrets from spies in US government and industry and actively seeking new sources. The Russians also continued to collect information from FBI agent Robert Hanssen. The flood of defectors, however, may have stanched the flow of secrets to Russia, since Hanssen apparently afraid that one of them might compromise him dropped contact with Russian intelligence for eight years.

One of these defectors was handled by John Tellaray, then a senior officer assigned to a capital abroad. His account confirmed that the KGB was not only actively recruiting US citizens to spy on the nation but had made significant progress in building networks in the US corporate sector. The information provided by the defector about this network augured an intensified effort by Russian intelligence to steal America's economic and scientific secrets which continues today. The development, of course, should not be surprising. One of the young officers who embraced the views of KGB hardliners during the Gorbachev era, Vladimir Putin, is now the president of the Russian Federation for a second time and an enthusiastic supporter of the Russian intelligence services.

Some of the Russian spy schools are located in small towns in the southern part of the country. None appear on a map. They are exact replicas of American suburbs such as Chevy Chase, Md. — just outside Washington, where the bulk of KGB agents were deployed during World War II.

Russian spies-in-training in these towns buy groceries at 7-Elevens, eat hamburgers at McDonald’s, watch American TV and go to American movie theaters, get American newspapers delivered every morning and speak only English.

Once a spy seems suitably Americanized, they are sent to a way station — usually Finland, the Netherlands, Canada or Africa — where they attempt to pass as American. If they do, they are sent to the United States, almost always as sleepers.

The Russians will wait 15, 20 years.

The spies can't resist dropping hints. Eleanor left many clues in her 2001 Christmas letter, and the online spies leave clues in posts. There are these "weird little identifiers" all over the internet. In the case of the online spies, I suppose they are signaling to each other. In the case of Eleanor, it was a family Christmas letter that went out to everyone, so again, I suppose a coded signal to her daughter Kim, who works in the pharmaceutical industry.

They are most likely modifying prescription drugs, and I think also using helicopter drops, such as in the case of Zika, to spread disease. Based on photographs of Tom Clancy at the end of his life and his mysterious short illness (anthrax?) that killed him, I believe he had been subjected to biological weapons. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) labs repeatedly faced secret sanctions for mishandling bioterror germs. Beth Willis, former chair of a citizen lab advisory panel in Frederick, MD., where several federal biodefense labs are located, said the continued secrecy about lab incidents and enforcement actions makes it impossible for the public and policy makers to adequately assess potential risks. Tom Clancy lived in Baltimore, MD.

Last year, the CDC and the Army found that the military had mistakenly sent live anthrax spores over a 12-year period to 194 laboratories in 50 states, the District of Columbia, three U.S. territories and nine foreign countries. Concentrations of live anthrax in the samples were low, public health was not at risk, and nobody was sickened, an Army investigation found. Brig. Gen. William King was reprimanded for failing to take appropriate action to respond to and mitigate lapses in safety and protocol while serving as commander of Dugway Proving Ground. He was later promoted to general and currently commands the 20th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive Command at the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. A former 20th CBRNE operations officer who earned four masters degrees, King previously served as the assistant deputy chief of staff for U.S. Army Forces Command on Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The Army is looking into biohybrid systems, or putting bacteria into its electronics, at the ARL’s Adelphi, Maryland facility.

The anthrax attacks in September 2001 killed five people and sickened 17, the worst biological attack in U.S. history. Anthrax spores (a dormant form of the bacteria) were sent in letters to Sens. Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy and several news organizations. The intensive investigation, dubbed "Amerithrax" by the FBI, fingered Bruce Ivins as the main suspect. Ivins was a researcher at the government's biodefense labs at Fort Detrick, Md., where he had access to anthrax, but some question the evidence against him. Ivins took his own life as the FBI was preparing its case.

The current plan is to move FBI HQ out of DC to Maryland or Virginia, which would bring 11,000 jobs to the new location. The FBI has most likely been infiltrated by Russian spies, and this plan would open the door to more of the same. The Maryland Academy for Innovation in National Security, a collaboration between the University of Maryland, the state and the FBI, is already scheduled to be built in Greenbelt, university and state officials announced in September 2016. President Obama recently shut down a Russian diplomatic compound on the Eastern Shore, casting a small patch of light on the normally shadowy job of battling foreign spies on U.S. soil. The Russians were using the 46-acre estate outside Centreville to gather intelligence on the United States.

I have the complete list of companies that Kim worked for. Between May 1999 – April 2004, during the time she spent with my father, she was a product development team member for Pafase® and IC485. Now she works for Catalent.
Cambridge Major Laboratories March 2013 – ? Germantown, WI Responsible for internal and external marketing strategies for growth.

Product Manager / Sr. Marketing Manager Fluke Biomedical (a Danaher Company) September 2012 – March 2013 (7 months) Responsible for Ideation to commercialization of biomedical devices and functional testers.

Director, Marketing & Strategic Development Xcelience, LLC August 2008 – September 2012 (4 years 2 months) Responsible for Marketing, PR, partnerships and clinical supplies business development.

Director, Global Marketing MDS Pharma Services April 2004 – August 2008 (4 years 5 months) Strategic marketing and tactical implementation for discovery and preclinical division.

Life expectancies dropped steeply in the 1990s, and several countries have yet to recover the levels noted before the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Cardiovascular disease is a much bigger killer in the Commonwealth of Independent States than in western Europe because of hazardous alcohol consumption and high smoking rates in men, the breakdown of social safety nets, rising social inequality, and inadequate health services.

In 2016, the overall U.S. death rate has increased for the first time in a decade, according to an analysis of the latest data. That led to a drop in overall life expectancy for the first time since 1993, particularly among people younger than 65. On average, the overall life expectancy, for someone born in 2015, fell from 78.9 years to 78.8 years. The life expectancy for the average American man fell two-tenths of a year — from 76.5 to 76.3. For women, it dropped one-tenth — from 81.3 to 81.2 years.

It's hard to know how much was fabricated and how much was real, but Bobby Black was apparently diagnosed with a severe mental illness in his teens. Not sure how that fits in with Kim's career choices, but it seems to be an important part of their story. Kim Black-Washington is the ringleader of this "family". If anything happens to me (I will be 56 this year) this is where I would start. Spies are often "sleepers" who only wake up when there is a job to do. Bobby may have an outstanding arrest warrant in Tijuana, Mexico. He left a wake of problems in his path. At one point he worked in a bank, and told a story about foiling bank robbers, which I am sure was pure fiction. He was probably a hacker. A forensic analysis of their financial transactions over the last 18 years is sure to lead back to Russia.

I have provided quite a few more details in the Government 2.0 LinkedIn Group, but the two primary identifiers for the tech spies are "Red" and "X" as in SpaceX, Google X and Reddit. Here is a partial list of their secret hacker codes. The XTunnel malware was specifically built for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) election hacks. At the height of the Cold War, the FBI and the National Security Agency built a secret tunnel beneath the Russian Embassy (shown here in 2013), so that American spies could eavesdrop on what was happening inside. The GRU is Russia's largest foreign intelligence agency. Its symbol is the bat. In 1997 it deployed six times as many agents in foreign countries as the SVR, the successor of the KGB's foreign operations directorate. Putin was appointed head of the FSB in 1998.

Many of the spies live at the Embassy Network. Singularity University seems to attract a lot of them. They belong to the American Business Association for Russian Professionals (AmBAR). What do Russian spies look like? They are surprisingly easy to identify. They look like the PayPal Mafia, shown below. There is not much diversity in their ranks, although they do include a few glamorous female spies as honey traps. They are an old school, top down, male-dominated club. Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, at the front table, are the ringleaders.

They are taking cues from books such as Project Mars: A Technical Tale, which describes a new form of government headed up by the Elon (p. 177) and the first hyperloop (p. 175). This Wernher Von Braun unpublished science fiction novel from 1948 was eventually published in Canada by Apogee Books in December 2006. We have identified five books now, if you include the Ghost Stories spy ring, but I am guessing that there are more. The Russian novelist and scientist Alexander Bogdanov wrote about parabiosis in his 1908 novel "Red Star", in which a socialist hero travels to Mars and discovers that the collectivized Martian population is using blood transfusion to cheat death. Peter Thiel, the Don of the PayPal Mafia, is promoting this idea for Silicon Valley life extension. 7 books total? They also resonate with 42, so we should also include "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy".

Elon Musk's follow-on talk at the NPC covers his business model for Mars colonies, which is based on the idea that people will sell everything for a one way trip to the Red Planet. His goal is to have humans on Mars 6 years from 2016, or by 2022. The tech spies are promoting a variety of approaches for reducing human population on earth. They are promoting tech that will never be mature, like the hyperloop, ideas that are not grounded in reality, like cities on Mars, and generally degrading science and tech since launching their social media sites. That was really the goal - to create platforms for propaganda, and to wipe out integrity in Western mainstream media reporting. From there they can wage the Russian hybrid warfare which includes destabilizing the West, psyops and as we have recently learned, biowarfare.

They are developing tech that may protect against biohazards, they are working on tech that will destroy jobs rather than create them, they are exacerbating social inequality, and they are very well connected in the tech community. The Tesla Model X has a bioweapon defense mode. There is also a Model S. Why isn't the mass produced car a Model I? In August 2016, Russian search giant Yandex announced a self-driving car partnership.

Many of the HotWIRED 100 in 2016 are Russian immigrants and I think also Russian spies. Sergey Brin of Google is #30, my position in the GovTech 100 Influencers for 2016. They are manipulating search results so that Russian-backed companies come to the top of the search queues. They have access to iPhones and laptops throughout the world. They have surveillance satellites that can see inside homes to gather “kompromat” (compromising material). They are sharing that information in real time using targeted social media ads as a form of psyops to intimidate voters who don't support the Russian-backed candidates in the West.

According to federal officials, Alexander Fishenko was at the center of a Russian "military procurement ring" that for years employed complex schemes to trick U.S. customs agents into believing his company was shipping harmless goods -- like traffic light parts -- to Russia, rather than advanced microelectronics that could be used in military applications including radar and surveillance systems, weapons guidance systems or detonation triggers. The ring also allegedly provided microchips to a specialized electronics laboratory run by the FSB, Russia's powerful intelligence agency and successor to the KGB. Documents provided by the Department of Justice allege that Fishenko was the link between the Houston-based Arc Electronics, Inc., which he founded in 1998, and Apex Systems, L.L.C., of which he is a part owner, based in Moscow.

US federal agents conducted a 6-month de-anonymizing attack on Tor, codenamed Operation Onymous, that targeted nearly 400 suspected illicit markets around the world, leading to the arrest of a former SpaceX employee and an 8 year sentence for Brian Richard Farrell, the deputy who helped run the illegal marketplace Silk Road 2.0.

The wildfires, which were eventually identified as arson in California, took place in or around towns that are known for their healing communities, such as Big Sur and Calistoga. Let's hope that the Golden Door in San Diego doesn't suffer the same fate. That is my well-deserved pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

I should point out that in spite of my uncle's role in the Tom Clancy talk (introductions), my family had no involvement with the USSR. Uncle Ken was introducing all of the speakers at the Press Club that year. He had no stake in this game, nor did my father, and nor do I.

It was a situation that was misinterpreted, blown out of proportion, and used as the basis for spy tactics based on nothing. That is the problem with these Russian spies. They are overreacting to minor situations to please the home front, not because the US has threatened Russia in any way. A first sign of this new era of hybrid war came in a five year string of hacking attacks from 1998 to 2003 called Moonlight Maze. While many details are still publicly unknown, hackers traced to Russia stole thousands of U.S. military documents containing sensitive information, including encryption technologies. The hackers installed back doors in an effort to maintain access once their active attack was over. Although America had been hacked before then, this was our first experience with relentless and ongoing Russian cyber-terrorism.

The spies are looking for trouble, they are bringing trouble to the West, not vice versa. It took me about 8 years to piece this together, and I feel fortunate to have done so. It is such an improbable outcome, I doubt that anyone in my situation would be able to identify the source of the problem. It is a situation I think many Western families are unknowingly facing today. I hope to see more publicity around this issue now that we have had such blatant and obvious Russian involvement in our 2016 Presidential election.

As difficult as this was for me, I can't see how else to have identified the problem. I was the only one who had the incriminating evidence, the web and social media skills, and the understanding of my family's struggles. I doubt that the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service anticipated this outcome. I wonder what it will do to their plans? If the GRU tech spies have false identities, their only hope of maintaining ownership of their US companies would be to seek asylum in America, and to defect. Most of the conclusions in my blog post come from personal experiences and open source intelligence (OSINT), but the real validation will come from the Russian defectors.

According to former Russian spy, now author, Mikhail Lyubimov, the number of Russian defectors has been growing since the breakup of the Soviet Union. It is surprising then that the US hasn't had more high profile defectors in recent years, perhaps because Obama's "reset" during the first US-Russia summit in 2009 has made it too comfortable for them. Defectors seem to end up abandoned or dead in America lately, with so many Russian spies living, or perhaps more accurately, stealing the American dream. Obama has however, taken action at the 11th hour of his presidency, by imposing sanctions against Russia, and by including Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun, suspects in 2006 London murder of Alexander Litvinenko, as among five new names added to the ‘Magnitsky list’. The Magnitsky Act was passed in 2012 with the aim of punishing officials responsible for human rights abuses, notably the 2009 prison death of the whistleblowing lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. "Elon Musk" has argued that we must put 1 million people on Mars if humanity is to have a future. I recommend that we start with the Russian spies.

After Obama's 2009 reset, things changed dramatically at NASA. Alcohol was pushed onto the employees, with free drink tickets at Tee Minus One. The booze was linked to gathering compromising information on government officials, which is a huge focus for the Russians. Many of the career civil servants, including myself, were ousted. Young professionals were moved into key roles, most of whom were hackers and Russian spies. The NASA OCIO took a turn for the worse, with project and system failures becoming the norm. Funding was plentiful, but nothing was accomplished. Yuri's Night, off-site conferences, golfing and parties took center stage instead. In 2014, after the website failure, Obama set up two new DigitalGov teams, 18F and USDS, which were primarily composed of former Google employees and spies. It was a repeat of the process that took place at NASA, but now at the GSA.

In 2016, the GSA Inspectors General issued a report on GSA's management of 18F. The OIG found that 18F had struggled financially since 2014 with a cumulative net loss of $31.66 million through the third quarter of fiscal year 2016. The OIG also found that 18F had not developed a viable plan to achieve full cost recovery, as required by its MOA with Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) to use the Acquisition Services Fund (ASF) to fund 18F operations. Factors that contributed to 18F’s inability to achieve full cost recovery included 18F management’s pattern of overestimating revenue projections, increased staffing levels, and staff time spent on non-billable activities.

The question is, what were those non-billable activities? My conclusions are that 18F was involved with the election rigging. They were helping the Russians to disrupt the 2016 US Presidential election, by providing data to Cambridge Analytica, the data company that helped Trump get elected. The same thing was happening at NASA in 2012 for Obama's re-election. The NASA OCIO was working with Civis Analytics to get Obama re-elected.

In terms of cyber-sanctions, Michael McFaul, director of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI) at Stanford University, and Amy Zegart, co-director of the Center for International Security and Cooperation at FSI, recommend that the US play the short and the long game with Russia. "In addition to quicker and more public attribution, the incoming Trump administration must articulate a new doctrine for response, applicable to Russia and other actors with serious cyber-capacity. U.S. intelligence agencies are paid to collect information about foreign leaders, including embarrassing and valuable information that they would prefer the world not know. U.S. policymakers need to start by making clear that we intend to identify what information foreign leaders value and hold its public release at risk if they cross cyber red lines. Individuals named publicly in response to a cyberattack should also be targeted for sanctions, including visa bans, asset freezes and blocking designated IP addresses from accessing all U.S.-based websites."

I don't resonate with any of this. It really has nothing to do with my family. We were not military. No connection to Russia. No involvement in spy games prior to 1998 as far as I know. We lived and traveled overseas a lot, but it was the life of a university professor, not a spy. We lived in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but never in or around the USSR.

I was never involved with military projects at NASA. I think this is a classic example of a mistaken identity. My family was mistakenly pegged as being somehow involved with Tom Clancy, wars, Russia, and spies when we were not. Shifting from 6 to 8. It took me eight years to understand what happened to my father. Eleanor has been in our lives for 18 years. There were 8 bullies at NASA who harassed me out of work. The Tom Clancy Press Club talk was on 8-6-98. The Noble Eightfold Path is the way to the end of suffering.

How will the Russians repay us for the loss of our father and my job? Is there any honor among spies? 18 years is a lot of time to have to rewind and erase negative history. The Russians do not seem to be adhering to international standards or norms for espionage, but perhaps there are some unspoken rules even for them. It's hard to believe that an unsuspecting university professor and his three daughters would be subjected to military spy tactics without something more tangible to warrant it. Even Tom Clancy seems like a unwarranted target. He was a novelist, not a spy.

Patterns repeating. My educated guess is that Clancy's Executive Orders is the next book on their reading list. Or if you prefer the plagiarized version, watch the trailer for "Designated Survivor". Any guesses as to who the designated survivor will be? Members of Congress who are blindly implementing certain aspects of the Russians' plans to destabilize the US may want to reconsider. They don't appear to have any loyalty towards their agents in Congress or in the Supreme Court, or in the Executive Office for that matter. In the Press Club talk, Clancy points out that the inauguration would be the best time to execute, so consider yourselves warned. You might as well read the whole Trilogy, including The Bear and the Dragon, where China invades Russia and NATO comes to the rescue by including Russia. Is Donald Trump a Russian spy? Twins separated at birth? He could be Boris Johnson's twin brother.

"The conspirators, staunch environmentalists, believe that the great proliferation of humanity is destroying the biosphere and that the optimum number of humans in the world should not exceed half a million. Therefore, the "excess" billions must be killed off. The plan is to use the Olympics where people from virtually every country in the world are gathered, and infect athletes and spectators with a mutated form of Ebola which they would carry back to their countries. When the disease starts breaking out in various countries, the Horizon Corporation would announce that it had fortunately developed a vaccine and is set to produce it on a large scale, and be hailed as a savior. The world's governments would hurriedly organize giving the supposed vaccine to their entire populations. By the time it is realized that in fact it was the disease itself, it would be too late - the whole of humanity would be dead or dying, except for the "chosen few" who would get the real vaccine." - Rainbow Six
The irony is that anyone who would participate in such an evil scheme would never qualify as the "chosen few" in any of the religious teachings, even if forced into it by your government. The main plot revolves around a counter-terrorist group called "Rainbow" which is also the focus of a series of video games that are surely guiding the Russian spies' strategies as much as the books. Most of the global terrorist/ISIS attacks were staged events following on the heels of an OpenStack Summit by a year or less, starting with the Boston Marathon Bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Certain aspects of Eleanor's false identity seem to have been taken from this NPC Rainbow Six talk, along with similar parallels with Pete's Kids. Her husband was an attorney for the insurance industry, which was Tom Clancy's profession before he became a best selling novelist. Pete's Kids lived at Rainbow Mansion. While Eleanor was stealing my father's estate, Pete's Kids were stealing my work at NASA. My report on the Early OpenGov Initiatives at NASA provides more supporting information, with a focus on how the Russians have infiltrated US OpenGov. It is long-winded and rambling because I was still trying to makes sense of the information, but it is a good place to start for backup reference material.

OpenStack was a module from my 2009 cloud architecture called OpenNASA v2.0, not a module from the Nebula Cloud Computing Platform, as they falsely claimed. Mirantis, ZeroStack and EasyStack: many of the OpenStack startups appear to be Russian and Chinese fronts, with no real products.

Here's my first letter to the OpenStack Foundation. Nice to have it in context now.

Here is the Intro to OpenStack. Nice to see how it fits into the Russian hybrid warfare strategy.

Here is the last letter to the OpenStack Foundation.

My cloud architecture is a "Government as a Platform (GaaP)" architecture that was designed to streamline processes and provide a Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) to improve government engagement with citizens. Given the massive amount of OSINT available on the internet, it can also serve a dual function. The "gold certification process" for apps could be extended to analyze the posts from the Russian spies for information, for counterintelligence purposes.

The UK's Government Digital Service (GDS) is modeled after a generalized version of OpenNASA v2.0 and was rated #1 in the United Nations' eGov Survey in 2016. The US is not currently using my architecture and has fallen from #2 in 2010, when I released the final documents to the public, to #12 in 2016. I would like to see my architecture become the standard for all eGov teams around the world to maximize the benefits of sharing open source code across international lines. Attributing my cloud architecture as the source of OpenStack would be a good first step towards raising the US eGov rankings to the Top 10 in 2018. I did not intend to use it for Five Eyes counterintelligence, and was not involved with espionage activities at NASA Ames when I designed it, but those aspects could be integrated now.

The dramatic drop in eGov rankings in the US since 2010 is a clear indication that democracy in America is on the decline. Another indicator, the U.S. now ranks 23/30 for inequality in developed nations. The U.S. joins Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, and South Africa as countries with inclusive-development rankings that fall below their GDP per capita rankings, a sign that their economic growth is not being shared. The US elections are now ranked worst among Western democracies. With the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election now confirmed by every US intelligence agency, the FBI and multiple private cybersecurity companies, there can be no doubt that the US counterintelligence strategy has failed.

Strategic Counterintelligence: what is it and what should we do about it? In short, the US CI enterprise has not been structured to serve a strategic purpose, nor is it postured globally to disrupt a foreign intelligence service. There is no standard approach to targeting across the CI enterprise; interagency information sharing is poor, and infrastructure support even worse. Even the modest national mechanisms developed to deconflict offensive CI activities stop at the water’s edge, a legacy of the old divide between foreign and domestic operational realms. And apart from wartime, we have not routinely addressed foreign intelligence capabilities as part of a national security threat calculus informing national strategy and planning—with unknown opportunity and other costs. US intelligence is now privatized more than ever before with In-Q-Tel, the CIA venture capital fund, investing in companies ranging from surveillance tech to hacking to open source to network security. The downside is that Silicon Valley has become a haven for foreign spies from all over the world.

President Truman’s National Security Council Report 68, or NSC 68/1950 set forth the strategy of containment and became our main weapon in the Cold War. The U.S. has begun to build up the number of intelligence analysts examining Russia, which stood at 13,000 at the height of the Cold War before dipping to a low point of just 1,000 three years ago. Russian immigrant relocation and internment camps can help to counter the Gerasimov Doctrine's hybrid warfare strategies, which include destabilization, psyops, election rigging, and as we now know, biowarfare. The Russians' strategy in the Middle East and Ukraine takes on a new darkness when viewed through the lens of their plans for protracted and mass genocide.

Americans are actively investing in the development of military infrastructure and rapid deployment potentials of large military units near Russian borders, including the modernization of airfields capable of accommodating heavy American transport. In spite of President-elect Donald Trump's pro-Russia rhetoric, the US is moving forward to counter the Kremlin's active measures and their prolonged, multi-decade hybrid warfare against the West. It is interesting to realize how many global atrocities have been falsely attributed to Muslim rather than to Russian terrorists, including 9/11. The total collapse of 7 World Trade Center, which was not hit by the aircraft, and the unusual level of NASDAQ:AAL and NYSE:UAL insider trading just before the attack, can best be explained by Russian espionage involvement.

Why didn't Eleanor convey the message that my family was not involved with spying on Russia after she married my father? She may have been faking her reports. Otherwise, it's hard to understand why the problems have persisted into 2017. Maybe she liked her assignment too much to give it up for another one. Some of the information that is in the hands of the online spies could only have come from her. In any case, she flew back to Russia in 2003, a year after my father died, and apparently they felt that she had been successful. Little did they know that in fact she had failed. She had targeted an innocent man and his family.

U.S DEPT. OF STATE, ENGLISH LANGUAGE SPECIALIST • 2010 Grant recipient—Teacher Trainer for English teaching professionals in Rabat, Morocco, Summer 2010; • Conducted workshops in “Cooperative Learning and Teaching in English as a Foreign Language”. • 2003 Grant recipient--Plenary speaker at the Annual National Association of Teachers of English (NATE) Conference in Kursk, Russia; • Conducted three intensive summer institutes for trainers of English teachers of young learners in Moscow, Saratov, and Samara, Russia.

Eleanor still keeps in touch with my mother and sisters, I think mainly for social engineering purposes. I think the estate fraud is just another form of "hacking" to find personal details about my family. Unfortunately for the Black family, it appears that they have quite a few more skeletons in the closet than do my relatives. Eleanor divides her time between Seattle, where Kim lives, and Manhattan Beach, where my father's townhouse is located. She has shared none of my father's assets with my family save $4K for each of his three daughters in 2003. She was married to my father for two years and took everything, including the photo albums. She and her kids are probably the most vulnerable of all of the spies, so I would start here as a strategy for bringing down the whole "Rainbow Six" spy ring. If Bobby Black is a hacker, he could be tracked via the dark web. I don't know his hacker name. I am sure he was not raised in Rancho Palos Verdes as they falsely claimed.

Some of the tech spies remind me of men I dated when I was younger. Elon Musk reminds me of one in particular. I suspect that they were modeled after photos and stories gleaned from Eleanor's time with us. Elon's "family" also bears a striking resemblance to people who were important in my life, and of course we share many of the same technical interests. Elon is 10 years younger than I am, which is about how long the process would take. Elon's first company, Zip2, focused on helping newspapers offer maps, directions, and business listings to their online readers. It sold for $300M in 1999. If you follow the trajectory of his startups, you can see that they were each ideally suited for hacking US infrastructure: banks, electrical power companies, and defense.

And apparently, they were also ideally suited for hacking personal information. My sister wrote a screenplay called "Dragonfly", which is also the name of the SpaceX prototype capsule. I was an Aviation High School Falcon, the name of the SpaceX rockets. Many former TRW employees, where my mother worked, now work for SpaceX. Our initials are mirror images of each other. Both Eleanor and Elon(or) got engaged within weeks of meeting their future spouses. My father's second wife was named Elena. I could go on. I wonder what Elon Musk's real name is? Because it definitely isn't Elon Musk. In any case, he owes my family 18 years, and a return to the life that we used to live, or something better. 6 years to return to normalcy. 6 years to make up for lost opportunities. 6 years to adjust to old age. Although, realistically, there is nothing he could do to right the wrongs. 666.

Any of the spies who have infiltrated the US government will have anglicized names and false identities. If they have infiltrated NASA, then they have also infiltrated the military. They love name games. Barney Pell, a colleague from the NASA Ames AI Lab, appears to have benefited most from a hostile takeover in 1991. He was one of the first on LinkedIn, and through him, I was one of the first 5000. He was named for Barney's Beanery in LA where his mother's water broke. He recently married a Russian woman. Elon's first wife resembles one of the only other women in the AI lab. Both Barney and Elon have glamorous mothers in the modeling industry who belie their more ordinary tech geek looks. Barney's company, Moon Express, is a finalist in the Google Lunar XPrize competition. He was involved with a startup that eventually became Bing.

John Howard, the editor of Capitol Weekly, and Alex Howard, the Deputy Director of the Sunlight Foundation are two journalists likely named for Scripps Howard, where my uncle worked. Edward Snowden was certainly a Russian plant in the NSA, although not the the real Russian mole, who provided the Kremlin with information about how Canada and its allies protect coded communications. I am aware of many other possible Russian spies in government, but they are lesser known. My report on the Early OpenGov Initiatives at NASA names several that fit the profile, specifically the first employees to OpenStack startups Nebula, Inc. and Piston Cloud, and smallsat surveillance company Planet Labs.

I think this is where the US should focus: unmasking the Russian spies in the Silicon Valley, starting at the top. If we can get some high-profile defectors in tech, then the rest will follow. But whether or not the spies choose to defect, the important distinction between Russia's kleptocracy and ours is that the US has the option of deporting the oligarchs. Russia doesn't. Russian oligarchs have a style that is distinctly different from American billionaires, who are generally more understated. The PayPal Mafia's startup funding was most likely tied to the Russian government. There are many ways for the FBI to trace them back to Russia or the Soviet Union, depending on when they emigrated to the West. Max Levchin has stated explicitly that he arrived in the US with a Soviet passport.

The Silicon Valley Russians' focus is on biotech, life sciences, cleantech, nanotechnology and IT and communications. The Breakthrough Prize Foundation is another Russian front for fringe science. There are an estimated 40,000 Russians in Silicon Valley. Here is the list of the Russian angel investors of death. Most of the PayPal Mafia come from non-NATO countries, and every one of the 14 likely have false identities, including Reid Hoffman, who sounds more Canadian than American. How many are literally mafia? Read more about Putin's mafia statecraft. Don't miss Silicon Valley Open Doors (SVOD) on May 24-25, 2017 in Mt. View, CA.

George T. Whitesides, one of the founders of Yuri's Night, is modeled after my friend George White, whose wife resembles Elon's mother. George had been a uranium broker before he retired, but my friendship was primarily with his wife, and was only personal, not professional. Black and White. Eleanor resembles my aunt. I think we have figured out what the Russians are doing with facial recognition software on social media.

What did they intend to do next? Their strategy seems to be one of elimination and replacement, so I hope to never find out. I am reminded of the 1987 Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) and their paradox philosophy. I wonder if the BBC had any influence on their plans? I knew the May twins when I was at USC. When Joe Hunt learned that some club members, including Dave May of the May Company department store family, had told the police about the murder, Joe planned to pin it on Dave.

"Paradox philosophy was simply a tool Mr. Hunt used--along with his rhetorical skills--to persuade people that whatever he wanted them to do was correct," said ex-member Evan Dicker, 26, grandson of the founder of the prestigious Westside law firm of Dicker & Dicker.

It had its own vocabulary: there were "shadings," "normies," "cells," "nexuses," a "thorax" and even a "paradox court." But stripped of its jargon, it sounded a lot like situation ethics, in which good and bad are relative--not absolute--concepts, interchangeable according to the circumstances and one's perspective.

"Black is white, and white is black, and all the shadings in between," goes one catch phrase, explained by one member to mean that something can be true and false, good or bad, at the same time: "You can look at any situation and change it around." Another said he thought it meant that "the end justifies the means."

Eleanor spent some time at the Claremont Colleges in the early 1990s, which is where two of my favorite suitors went to college. Travis Kalanick of Uber reminds me of one of them, who eventually dated my sister. Max Levchin reminds me of my boyfriend after graduate school, a Stanford medical student who was an MIT undergrad in the same class as my cousin. Was my family targeted before this Tom Clancy talk? My cousin married a Russian woman he met through the rifle club at MIT, which may have been when it all started. That was in the 1980s. I started working at NASA in 1983 when I was 21, and was something of an anomaly then, so I may have been the first to attract the attention of the USSR. But I think my father must have attracted the attention of the USSR long before with his travels to the Middle East and Southeast Asia in the 1960s and 1970s. I am sure that my own travels, which were primarily spiritual in nature, have taken on a significance in Russia that they never had. In any case, things took a significant turn for the worse after the Tom Clancy talk.

Tom Clancy is a hero to many, so I hope that the US will pursue this, if not for my family, then for his. We have seen a lot of untimely celebrity deaths in 2016, but Clancy is one of those untouchables. His marriage to Wanda Thomas ended in divorce in 1998. In 1999 he married Alexandra Llewellyn, who survives him along with their daughter, Alexis Jacqueline Page Clancy. His other survivors include four children from his previous marriage — Michelle E. Bandy, Christine C. Blocksidge, Thomas L. Clancy III and Kathleen W. Clancy — and four grandchildren.

My father was recently divorced from Elena after 17 years of marriage when he met Eleanor. Elena ran off with another man. I think her affair was with an Eastern European. It was a shock to my father. He was vulnerable when he met Eleanor. There are more details that I could share, but they are personal and only serve to underscore these findings. I will save them for the authorities. If you have contacts with the Clancy family, please share my blog with them. Although the struggle between Tom Clancy‘s widow and four adult children over his $86 million estate is now over, I am sure many questions remain.

Tom Clancy's golf cart, snakeskin-topped table and other possessions will be auctioned off starting at 10 a.m. Jan. 31, 2017. His penthouse at the Ritz Carlton residences is also up for sale. Interestingly, Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has strong ties to Baltimore-area real estate. Tom Clancy's attorney was J.W. Thompson Webb.

Here is the short version of how the Blacks tricked my father. They convinced him to write a "temporary" will for an upcoming trip to the Middle East in the event that one of them died shortly after their new marriage. She wrote an identical will, and they left everything to each other in the wills, with the kids as beneficiaries if they both died on the trip. While we were in the Middle East, they discussed a living trust with us that they planned to set up when they got back, combining the estates and then dividing them among the kids. My Dad died before they could set up the trust, so Eleanor did it for him. Of course we are only beneficiaries after she dies now, with no income from the trust until then. No Eskey was named as a co-Trustee on Eleanor's trust. She provided no gravesite or headstone for my father. It is interesting to consider what would happen to the estate if Eleanor has a false identity. I think it would annul the marriage. The will and the trust would be invalid. We would be the heirs-at-law. My father's estate attorney was Gail Kass, who has an office on Wilshire in LA.

Bezrukov and Vavilova agreed to forfeit their three-bedroom townhouse on Trowbridge Street and their US bank accounts to the US government as part of their plea agreements. But their family remained intact, as their sons left Massachusetts earlier this week and were waiting for them yesterday in Russia. - Operation Ghost Stories

I have a copy of my father's will, but not Eleanor's trust (she refused my request). His will is dated one month before our trip to the Middle East in 2001, the summer before 9/11. He died a little over a year later after a trip to Africa. Lots of third world travel during his two year marriage to Eleanor.

Here is a quote from a Christmas letter from 2001.

"David had the opportunity to visit Syria for the first time since the '60s. He was a guest of the Hanna family, one member of which, Nabila, worked with us in the MATESOL program at CSULA. His tour included such historical sites as Damascus, the Crac des Chevaliers (the ultimate Crusader castle) and Palmyra."

and another:

"With Kim's patient urging, Eleanor overcame all fears and followed Kim through a long, dark, uphill passage that led to a burial chamber deep inside the pyramid - a major accomplishment for Eleanor and Kim!"

My father died the following year of a heart attack, in October. Red October, the same month that Tom Clancy died 11 years later. My father was 69. Tom Clancy was 66. Tom Clancy's cause of death is still unknown. I think it will be difficult to finger Tom Clancy's killers without tips from the Russian defectors, but in my family's case, it is clear who was behind my father's untimely death.

David E. Eskey, a professor of educational policy, planning and administration in the USC Rossier School of Education, died of a heart attack on Oct. 19, 2002. An expert on the administration of multilingual and multicultural programs, Eskey had worked at USC in various positions since the mid-1970s, including director of USC College’s American Language Institute. At the time of his death, he was director of the Rossier School’s Master of Science Program for the teaching of English as a second language. Eskey served as a consultant on second-language teaching for the Educational Testing Service and other organizations, and was a national consultant on the subject for the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs. He also taught at Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. Abroad he taught at the American Institute of Languages in Baghdad, Iraq, the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and the Thammasat University in Bangkok. Born in Pittsburgh, Eskey earned his B.A. in English from Pennsylvania State University, his M.A. in English from Columbia University, and a second M.A. in linguistics and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Pittsburgh. He is survived by his wife, Eleanor; his children, Megan, Jennifer and Katherine; stepchildren, Kim Black-Washington and Robert Black; and brother, Kenneth Eskey.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Exponential Technology

42 Voices About Open Government: Powers of 1, 2 and 3: 1. 108 Disruptive Tweets 2. 108 Tweets on #Disruption 3. 108 Disruptive Trends

From the Open Government Partnership blog: I am part of an international project called "42 Voices About Open Government". The Catalan version was presented at the Mobile World Centre in Barcelona on April 10, 2014, with the participation of the Catalan writer Màrius Serra, who conducted the event. The English-language version is here. The Catalan and Spanish versions are available for download too. Read more about the growing wealth gap in the US and the open government commitments. Without intervention, hard work will matter less, inherited wealth more. The fortunes of the few will unsettle the foundations of democracy.

Fascism is rising around the world. Our project and this blog make some very tangible suggestions for reversing that trend.

My LinkedIn Influencer posts are the best way to stay current with my other projects. Here is the link to my ExpertNet architecture which are interoperable expert networking platforms. The US OpenGov 2.0 plan calls for expert networking pilots at the federal agencies. Here is some good information about how the government uses GitHub and the timeline of open source in the U.S. government. My architecture is generic and could be used by any government agency anywhere in the world. It's time to think outside "cloud in a box". Collective Intelligence can solve our most pressing global problems. Join the discussion at the White House Google Group for OpenGov.

What would happen if we shifted the dialogue about Artificial Intelligence (AI) away from "robots are taking our jobs" and "robots will eventually destroy humans", to "how can AI help government to do its job better"? Would government officials with Intelligence Amplification (IA) be preferable to the ones we have today? There have been a few really evil government officials in place over the course of history, but there are many more ignorant ones. A much greater threat to humanity than AI is humanity itself.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) was launched in 2011 to provide an international platform for domestic reformers committed to making their governments more open, accountable, and responsive to citizens. Since then, OGP has grown from 8 countries to the 69 participating countries. Tunisia is the first "Arab Spring" country to join, setting an example across the Arab world. Lebanon and Saudi Arabia are increasingly frequent visitors to my blog. Sweden became the first country in the European Union (EU) to recognize Palestinian statehood. The Open Government Data & Best Practices Symposium, which was organized by the Information Technology Authority (ITA) at the InterContinental Hotel Muscat, Oman, ended on June 3, 2013 with high participation. More than 200 attendees from a wide range of public and private institutions participated alongside an international participation of a number of lecturers from Spain, Sweden and Malaysia, as well as a number of IT specialists from ITA. When a majority of the Arab Spring countries join, it will indicate a new era in digital diplomacy. As such, my blog will focus on demilitarizing law enforcement, arms control and nuclear disarmament, and ending the war on terror. Since 9/11, Americans killed by law enforcement outnumber Americans killed in the Iraq war. According to a West Point study, most terrorism in the US since 9/11 has come from right-wing extremist groups, not Muslims. President Obama's counterterrorism strategy boils down to: targeted action against terrorists; effective partnerships with other countries; and diplomatic engagement and aid. In my humble opinion, these changes can not come too soon. The U.S. government has lost all sense of proportion when it comes to national security. War has cost the U.S. $1.4 trillion since 2001. The best posts I have seen about countering Daesh's (ISIL) influence in the world focus on countering the ideological issues. Here is a good overview on "Deception, Disinformation, and Strategic Communications: How One Interagency Group Made a Major Difference". We must be mindful of Madison: "No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare." Daesh/ISIL is not the only group in the world with mad ideologies. Those who support "Star Wars" or the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and its modern counterparts are equally mad in my view. Using nuclear weapons in space is highly controversial with unacceptable cost and risk, and is currently illegal and should remain so.

"The greatest danger that I see from these militant Islamists is that they will marry their mad ideologies to weapons of mass death" - Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu is an Israeli politician, and the current Prime Minister of Israel.
That scenario is far less likely than our own military marching towards an apocalyptic "RAHOWA", or racial holy war.

The recent changes in the White House suggest a stronger focus on human rights. President Obama named Susan E. Rice and Samantha Power to major national security posts on June 5, 2013 promoting two outspoken voices for humanitarian intervention on a foreign policy team known for its deep caution in dealing with conflicts abroad. According to a recent New York Times article "Ms. Samantha Power and Ms. Susan Rice, who are friends, each bring their own anguished histories to these questions. For Ms. Power, who covered the wars of the former Yugoslavia as a journalist, Bosnia was a formative experience. In her Pulitzer Prize-winning book, “A Problem From Hell,” she recorded the history of genocide in the 20th century, offering a critique of the failure of the United States and other countries to stop it. For Ms. Rice, who began her career in the National Security Council during the Clinton administration, Rwanda was a crucible. President Bill Clinton’s inaction in the face of genocide there led people who worked for him, including Ms. Rice, to vow never again to allow such a slaughter." I am hopeful that these changes, in addition to the rise of the digital citizen and the OGP, will usher in a new era of global cooperation and peace. Rwanda became the 71st country to sign the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs Arms Trade Treaty on June 5, 2013. On Sept. 25, 2013 US Secretary of State John Kerry signed the treaty.

The music industry and civil society as a whole are helping to highlight instances of human rights abuse in the U.S. and abroad. Kanye West raps about the private prison industry, Sean "Diddy" Combs and the WWE have produced an anti-bullying youtube, and hip-hop icon Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, joins the fight to explore the injustice as only he can. "Re-Victimization" is a great way to discuss government cover-ups and "mobbing". The victim must go through the pain again and again, with no resolution until (and if) it gets into the courts, which is another long battle. Appointing third party investigators and interim relief supervisors during internal investigations is the best approach for all involved, maximizing the likelihood of early intervention and resolution. Retaliation and government cover-ups don't work in the age of social media. Broken internal processes also contribute to an increasing number of leaks to the press. In addition, it is unlawful to prohibit or prevent a government employee from talking to Congress. Using the Congressional processes in parallel with internal investigations is key in that they provide a necessary level of external oversight missing in the internal processes, which are consistently manipulated in favor of the institutions. Peter Ludlow, a professor of philosophy at Northwestern University, argues in a recent Op-Ed in the New York Times that "there is a moral principle at work in the actions of the leakers, whistle-blowers and hacktivists and...that that moral principle has been clearly articulated, and it may just save us from a dystopian future."

Many victims of sexual assault in the military say only one experience comes close to the pain of the actual crime, and that's going to court to bring charges against the attacker. This is believed to be one reason why so few victims come forward and report these crimes, and now the Air Force is hoping a new team of lawyers will help to change that. Lt. Gen. Richard Harding has high hopes for the officers who have come to his base for training in a new field; they are among the first special victims' counsels, or SVCs. The SVCs are attorneys who do not represent the defendant, and they don't represent the government — they will stand up for the victims. "We know 85 percent of our victims don't report," he says. "Maybe if they understood the value of an SVC, some of them might feel a little bit more comfortable about reporting." That's the long-term hope for the Special Victims' Counsel program, which is currently limited to the Air Force but could expand to other government agencies and cover issues such as child abuse, harassment and whistleblower retaliation. Should government officials and executives in companies that receive federal funding who engage in unlawful violations face discipline? See here for a few answers. Government officials who resign or retire before an investigation ends can still be handed a reprimand and a demotion in rank that would result in reduced retirement benefits.

The Sunlight Foundation has compiled a repository of civil society organizations working on transparency and open data issues around the world. Given the rapid growth of the international OpenGov community, the data collection is endless and the repository will never be considered complete. They are now opening up the process and asking for the community’s help in verifying or correcting the data in the spreadsheet and adding missing organizations or projects. What have we learned about budget transparency and accountability? The International Budget Partnership (IBP) has published a new book on Open Budgets: The Political Economy of Transparency, Participation, and Accountability.

As we transition to a focus on reinvigorating the global economy, citizen engagement and revolutionary ideas become increasingly important. Join the Facebook "Open Government and Civic Technology" group and the OGP Civil Society Hub. Read the "Open Contracting" global principles. Learn about the OpenGov Hub and Pierre Landell-Mills, co-founder of the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF), who presented his new book Citizens Against Corruption - Report from the Frontline on June 13, 2013. Help the Open Data Census assess the current state. Learn about open policy making. Here is the #Storify story from the OGP Summit October 31 - November 1, 2013. Ross Dawson has developed a Beta v1 infographic on the future of work given the crowdsourcing boom, and the transformation of government given the current landscape. In the age of the consumer web, smartphones and social media must be an integral part of any government interaction and redesigning work environments will be key to achieving sustainable business performance improvement. Here is a recent Wired article on "The Programmable World". My latest conundrum: is the world itself programmable? Let's find out.

Legislative Reform on Pinterest

How many doors to democracy would open if a few of the "Big Brands" like Coca Cola and Procter & Gamble, and the first OGP countries like the US and the UK, would implement internal policies and executive orders to allow for the exponential growth of social media and crowdsourcing? Although 2+ billion people are now online, there are still 2/3 of the world left out. Here is where they live. I am gratified to see an increasing number of companies and government entities allowing for unrestricted staff access to social media during working hours. This is one of the best ways to fight corruption worldwide. Here is a good article about turning social influencers into brand advocates. Here is a roundup of the G8 Summit 2013 in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland on June 17 and 18, addressing global issues and the most pressing international challenges. The leaders' remarks explain the outcomes in brief, including major updates on tax, trade, transparency and the ongoing situation in Syria. There is no appetite within the United States to address the Syrian war, though there is to address the ISIS threat. Intelligence, not bombs, is the key to the fight against ISIS. Here are "15 Global Challenges Facing Humanity". Goal: raise the US Global Peace Index ranking to the Top 50 by 2017. Disrupt violence. From a recent OGP blog post:

Open is the new normal. - UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg