Monday, October 19, 2009

OpenNASA v1.5, aka Spacebook, has launched!

A message to my Dad, wherever he may be: my OpenNASA v2.0 portal has been formally approved for pilot: OpenEPA, OpenDHS, OpenNIH..who will partner first? And how many Federal, State and Local Government Agencies will participate? Only time will tell..

OpenSocial portals are designed to share profile information, contacts and gadgets, so will greatly facilitate communication and collaboration across Agency lines. If we do this right, the OpenGovernment portals will significantly improve our ability to respond and react to the increasingly complex set of problems we face as American citizens and as government employees (including estate fraud).

Spacebook will provide an in-house platform for beta testing and piloting behind the NASA firewall before we roll out to our Federal partners and to the general public.

This will be a very cool project, lots of positive implications to this decision.

Yippee!!! Time to celebrate...thanks for all of your help over the years..:-)

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