Thursday, February 11, 2010

An email to my step-sister, sent today

I will be in Seattle March 26 and 27, see link below for details. I would love to get together with you during my visit, please let me know if/when you will be available.

I've included a link to my blog in memorial to my father, I will keep the blog current. Please take some time to read about Elder Financial Abuse, undue influence and estate fraud. I've included my proposal to reform our Estate/Family laws as a blog that was posted today. I've also proposed two alternative "Advanced Living Trusts" for our family in the New Year's Day blogs.

In any case, the current, entirely corrupt arrangement that your mother has put into place per her self-serving interpretation of my father's wishes is simply not an option for the Eskey family.

Given that you are closest to your mother, I strongly encourage you to discuss the possibility of having her settle permanently in her second home in Seattle. The sooner that she can return my father's townhouse and other assets to my family, the better. My sister is still without health insurance, still without a home of her own, and your mother is still living far beyond her own means, leveraging assets that were meant to be our inheritance 7 years ago. I would like to rent out the townhouse ASAP.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation,


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