Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For my Nephew on his 3rd Birthday

Open Gov West Meetups

Thanks again!

Thank you for making Open Gov West such a successful event! Each of you brought insights, great conversations, and new ideas to Open Gov West.

Got Notes?

If you took notes, recorded interviews, video, etc. at Open Gov West, add it to the OGW wiki. The wiki looks a little lonely right now, and could really use some tinkering by those of you who love to make a good wiki. Thanks for your help!

Photos from OGW

Find great photos from Open Gov West on Flickr. Thanks again to Lawrence Leung for volunteering as OGW's photographer! Find more conference photos by searching with the hashtag #ogw.

Upcoming Events

The momentum created at Open Gov West continues with Open Gov West meetups across the West Coast. Tomorrow, there's an OGW meetup in San Francisco. Another on the 13th in Portland, Oregon, and still more in Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle. Sarah Schacht, OGW's chair, will be at each meetup. As an OGW attendee, you're invited to come and give a short report-back on your experience at OGW, sharing your open government ideas with members of your community who weren't at Open Gov West.

Owly Images

If you'd like to have an OGW meetup in your town, sign up here and we'll ship you OGW meetup signs, buttons, and other goodies to make the event sing.

Video from Open Gov West

Thanks to the Seattle Channel, video is edited and online from the conference. Each session that was filmed in the Bertha Knight Landis room is available through Seattle Channel.

OGW Feedback

We want to make the next Open Gov West even better. Take a few minutes to fill out our survey and let us know how we can improve.

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